The CHESS project has developed a first set of prototypes of the tools, which are being evaluated by the industrial user partners in the project. Video demonstrations of the prototype tools are available for viewing by clicking the links below.


Set 1

This set of video clips covers the following activities of the CHESS process

  • Modeling Functional SW
  • Modeling HW Platform
  • Modeling HW SW Allocation

Clip1-1   Clip1-2   Clip1-3   Clip1-4   Clip1-5   Clip1-6   Clip1-7   Clip1-8   Clip1-9   Clip1-10  


Set 2

This video clip covers the modeling of State-Based extra functional properties and also the State-Based Analysis



Set 3

This set of video clips covers the modeling of extra functional/real time properties and also the Schedulability Analysis.

Clip3-1   Clip3-2   Clip3-3   Clip3-4  


CHESS Partners

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