The CHESS Project has developed a substantial training curriculum to allow embedded systems developers to become familiar with the CHESS tools and methodology. The training videos, which include both slides and narration from CHESS experts, are available by clicking the following the links.

Note: The files will play on Windows Media Player. For other operating systems or video players, playback may be improved by setting the video player configuration to use f4v format.


CHESS Fundamentals

Module 01: CHESS Overview and Methodology

Module 02: CHESS Component Model   Part 1   Part 2

Module 03: CHESS Modelling Language

Module 04: CHESS Editor


CHESS Analysis Tools

Module 05: State-based Dependability Analysis   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Module 06: FMEA Dependability Analysis

Module 7A: FPTC Dependability Analysis   Part 1   Part 2

Module 7B: FI4FA Dependability Analysis

Module 08: Safety Analysis

Module 09: Schedulability Analysis

Module 10: Deployment Determination Analysis

Module 11: Java Code Analysis

Module 12: Simulation Based Timing Analysis


CHESS Run Time Environments

Module 13: Java Run Time Environment

Module 14: OSE Run Time Environment

Module 15: Ada Run Time Environment


CHESS Code Generation

Module 16: Ada / Linux Code Generation   Part 1   Part 2

Module 17: C++ Code Generation

Module 18: MARTE to RTSJ and Ada Code Generation



CHESS Partners

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